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sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

ФИНКА ЖИГАНА - Ленинградская Застольная





ФИНКА ЖИГАНА - Ленинградская Застольная

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  1. Seldom, friends, to us it is necessary to meet,
    But when it was possible,
    Let's remember that was, and we will drink, as usual,
    As in Russia it was moved!

    Let together with us a family Leningrad
    Nearby sits at a table.
    Let's remember, how Russian force soldier's
    The German for Tikhvin drove!

    Let's drink for those who for weeks long
    In the frozen lay blindages,
    Fought on Ladoga, fought on Volkhov,
    Didn't go back a step.

    Let's drink for those who ordered companies,
    Who died on snow,
    Who to Leningrad made the way bogs,
    Throat breaking the enemy.

    Forever in legends will be glorified
    Under machine-gun snowstorm
    Our bayonets at heights of Sinyavin,
    Our regiments under Mgoy.

    Let's rise and will clink glasses with circles, standing, we
    - Brotherhood of friends fighting,
    Let's drink for courage fallen heroes,
    Let's drink for a meeting of the live!