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segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2010

Plebe Rude - "O Concreto Já Rachou" (1985)

One of the greatest and famous bands in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is their first work, a mini-LP, recorded in the Warner. With other classical brazilian bands in the 80´s (Legião Urbana, Ultraje a Rigor, Capital Inicial, Ira and Titãs), leaved their mark! Still in activities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They was very influencied by The Clash and the british post-punk. Lyrics with political themes. I confess: with Inocentes, my fave band in my country! Please, Bitte, Por Favor: DOWN THAT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All songs in portuguese. Rude - O Concreto já Rachou.rar

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