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sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

KILLED BY DEATH Vol.01 (Rare USA punk from 77 to 82)

Brilliant compilation series of hard to find early punk gems. Originally released on Red Rum Records in 1989.

Track listing...
Side 1

Mad-I Hate Music
Hollywood Squares-Hillside Strangler 2:14
Slugs-Problem Child 4:10
Vox Pop-Cab Driver 7:14
Controllers-(The Original) Neutron Bomb 10:11
Dogs-Slash Your Face 12:14
Gasoline-Killer Man 16:05

Side Two

Kraut-Matinee 17:55
Child Molestors-(I'm the) Hillside Strangler 19:25
Cold Cock-I Wanna Be Rich 22:13
Authorities-Radiation Masturbation 25:34
Authorities-I Hate Cops 26:29
Nuns-Decadent Jew (live) 27:38
Users-Sick of You 29:33
Vicious Visions-I Beat You 32:56

"This 'fictional' record label is the imprint used by manufacturers of the gray-market, quasi-bootleg Killed by Death compilations on the original vinyl and CD reissues.

Their given, although admittedly bogus, address is in Hell Norway, a rural Scandanavian town with a population of less than 400.

The Killed by Death compilations first surfaced in 1989, as vinyl LP bootlegs, and have since been copied and duplicated throughout the world using the original artwork with the ЯedRuM Records imprint."

The original release also included the Beastie Boys "Pollywog Stew" EP. Future issues, such as this one, do not include that EP.

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