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quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2014

UNE VIE POUR RIEN: SHARP label from Paris (France)

Une vie pour rien?

VPRV38: MARABOOTS "Ils Ont Tué la Oi!" 7" EP.
Their last EP before they split. 3 energic tracks, top quality as usual. According to some people, they may have killed oi! music. For us they have been one of the best actors of oi! rebirth!.

The young band from Paris new skinhead generation. Between US oi! and 80's hardcore, angry and slow, they sound like a rough mix of Iron Cross, Oxblood and Negative Approach..
UVPRV36: MARABOOTS "Démo 2010" 10".
The band's first 6 tracks demo available finally on vinyl. Originally issued as a 200 copies CDR, sold out in less than a month. Pure French oi! hymns never published on vinyl ("Ennemi n°1", Paris est en Guerre", PPD Halles"...). New cover and insert.

You can listen to songs and see the artwork on:
  You can order the records though our webshop:

  We did a new download section on our website with free download link to most of our releases. It will be in service in the next days, check it soon !

  We have some special packs for you who received this newsletter, you can have them only ordering by email (not on the webshop):
- 3 new records (EP Outreau, EP Maraboots "Ils ont tué", 10" Maraboots "Demo 2010") ->  25 euros postage included.
- 3 new records + the final Maraboots tee-shirt ("2009-2014" in S, M, L, girly S Gildan model, We have only a few copies in stock, make reservation!) -> 35 euros postage included.

Special prices for Bulk orders from 5 copies of a reference. Distro/ shops, ask our complete wholesale list:
- EPs: 4 euros postage included.
- 10" : 8 euros postage included.

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  A bientôt.

Une vie pour rien?
BP 30 904
44 009 Nantes cedex 1

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