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sábado, 30 de novembro de 2013

The Debonaires - (Live at El Rey in Los Angeles, CA)

This is The Debonaires playing a new groove off at El Rey Theatre in Los Angele, CA. The group recently released their latest album, "Movin'" in 02013 and are shown here in SKAlifornia at their best. This one is from the new album Movin'!

Kip Wirtzfeld, Woody Diaz, Jason Napayon, Marques Cruz, Tom Cook, Mano Mirande, Ryan Tomazin, David Sakover, Mike Presser, Roberto Ronquillo

Label: Steady Beat // JUMP UP

The Debonaires originated from the Southern California traditional ska revival subculture that developed and thrived throughout the Los Angeles and Inland Empire regions in the 1990's. Their unique rendition of Jamaican ska is not only reminiscent of legendary performers such as The Skatalites, but also embodies a soulful element heavily influenced by early American R&B and soul.

The group's dynamic 18 year history began in Riverside, California in 1995. During this era the Debonaires earned a reputation as a popular performer within the LA and Riverside Ska scenes. They quickly gained recognition for diverging from the mainstream ska sound of the times, only to incorporate the original Rocksteady and jazz-driven style played in Jamaican dancehalls during the 1960's, upholding the Rude Boy tradition to this day.

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