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segunda-feira, 19 de agosto de 2013


INSPECTER 7: Para mim tem um quê de banda perfeita. Música e Atitude falando mais do que blá blá blá! Me recordo de conhecê-los ainda nos anos 90 comprando Cd na Pedro Lessa com o Fernando (hoje Plano B) e era uma coletânea de um festival de ska e OI! que aconteceu em Nova York, OI! Skampilation. Bandas como Oxblood, Boulcing Souls, Blaks 77, The Slackers, Skavovie and the Epitones, mas a força singular da mistura exata de OI! e Ska Jamaicano (tal qual o SkOI!dats) me pegaram.
Mais de uma década depois, eis que a vida proporciona mais um reencontro! Que venham os novos tempos!


Um salve para o blog e a família Moonstompers Crew!
Abaixo show magnífico para quem quiser saber o que é skinhead! Skinhead é isso porra!!

A Conversation With Travis Nelson
by Catherine Galioto
January 27, 2001
Travis Nelson

Catherine Galioto: Have you played with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones before? If so, do you think that past show and this one will be similar, and how?
Travis Nelson: Yes, 4 or 5 years ago in the exact same location as this friday we played with them. I imagine that this time around the set will be entirely more rockin as we have more recognition now and perform tighter as a band.
Catherine: Which show this weekend, the Bosstones or King Django one, are you looking forward to the most and why?
Travis: I'm looking forward to both these gigs. They're both gonna be good parties all around.
Catherine: Is there anything people should look for in particular during these shows?
Travis: Just the usual debauchery from us, any additional debauchery will depend on the crowd.
Catherine: Do you think that these two shows are different or alike, and to what extent?
Travis: Different. For one thing the Fastlane show is all ages so that will create a different crowd dynamic from the Tradewinds show. Another difference will be musically. The Tradewinds show features us along with 2 other ska bands, and they're ska bands of a similar genre to each other though their individual sounds are distinct. The Fastlane show us along with a punk band (Dropzone), a strongly reggae influenced ska band (Foil), a female alternative-funk-punk band (Lucky), and the traditional ska and reggae stylings of King Django. The Fastlane show is more diverse musically, but both shows should be crazy fun in their own way.
Catherine: How would you describe the Inspecter 7 live set?
Travis: Unpredictable, active, hot, energetic....very LIVE.
Catherine: What would you like the audience to know about the Bosstones show?
Travis: I would like them to know that Inspecter 7 will in fact accept all beer donations at this show. Oh, and that a clean, tight sounding club like the Tradewinds with 3 powerful adn energetic bands like these promises to be a night to remember.
Catherine: About the Fastlanes/King Django show?
Travis: With a variety of bands like those performing saturday there will be something for everyone in attendance. 5 different bands doing what they each do best.
Catherine: Are you tired of my questions?
Travis: I'm tired of breakdancing not being recognized as a valid art form. I'm tired of my neighbor's kids waking me up in the morning. I'm tired of not being able to find Smithwick's beer anywhere in the U.S. I'm....I'm tired.
Catherine: Is it true you are an alien being?
Travis: Why? Who still doubts it?
Catherine: What would you like to say to all those who have voted for you?
Travis: I realize that I won the popular psychotic vote and will be pursuing a recount at my next release hearing.
Catherine: How do you explain these fingerprints, then, Mr. Nelson?
Travis: Thank you.
Catherine Galioto is a Staff Writer. Contact her at

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